Dr Allan Schaefer

Dr Allan Schaefer, Animal Inframetrics Inc.

-Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Agric. Food and Nutr. Sci., University of Alberta, Edmonton

-Adjunct Professor, Department of Animal Science. University of Manitoba. Winnipeg

-President Animal InfraMetrics Inc.

-Director DeStress Nutrition Comp.


PhD. University of British Columbia 1984.

M.Sc. University of Alberta 1979.

B.Sc. University of Alberta. 1976. B.P.E. University of Alberta. 1974

National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Post Doctorate Fellowship Award Ruakura Research Centre, Hamilton New Zealand 1984-1985 

Animal Inframetrics Inc was incorporated in Alberta in 2013 to serve as the management entity for jointly held IP between Dr. Al Schaefer and research colleagues at the University of Alberta. Animal Inframetrics currently holds ownership of or license to several patents and patents pending in the area of infrared thermography applications in Animal Agriculture. Animal Inframetrics is currently working on collaborative studies with several research institutions as well as multinational corporate and engineering groups serving the animal industries particularly in the areas of Beef Cattle, Dairy and Swine. Dr. Al Schaefer is the president of Animal Inframetrics and has been working in the area of infrared thermography and stress physiology for over 25 yrs.

Recent Relevant Publications:

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